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  • Addressing Brain Drain

Since 2009 the General Assembly has cut spending on higher education. As a share of GDP, spending dropped from 0.74 percent to 0.62 percent. That accounts for $2,300 less per Indiana college student each year. As a response, our state colleges slashed the number of in-state students they have admitted. Since 2010, Purdue’s in-state enrollment dropped from 62.9% to 52.2%, Indiana University share of in-state students dropped from 55.2% to 51.2% and Ball State from 88.4% to 85.6%. Combined the three universities cut in-state students by a combined total of 5,663 students. At the same time, they boosted out of state enrollment by 6,487. Of course we know that those out-of-state students are less likely to remain in Indiana after graduation. In addition to being misguided, this approach is highly unfair to the taxpayers of Indiana. Our citizens pay taxes to support our state universities. To deny their children the opportunity to attend these institutions, is completely unacceptable. Don't believe it? Ask Michael Hicks 

  • Increasing Teacher Pay
  • Increase Mental Health Support Staff and Services for our Kids
  • Expand our Pre-K Program



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