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Our children's education is critical to their future and the future of Indiana.  Hamilton County has great public schools and I will fight to make sure that they are funded adequately.  I believe Pre-K should be expanded as an option in all Indiana school districts.  I believe teachers should be supported and that teaching should be encouraged as a career choice in our youth.



Indiana has failed to keep up with the rest of the nation in wage growth.  We must invest in career training, infrastructure, and education in order to attract and retain 21st Century jobs.  We must denounce divisive social issues which only serve to portray a negative image to the rest of the country and deter companies from relocating to Indiana.



Women's Issues

Indiana must do more to address the gender wage gap.  Women's small business development should be encouraged and promoted.  I believe women have a right to make decisions about their healthcare and their bodies.



Redistricting Reform

I believe that citizens, not politicians, should have the right to draw our House and Senate districts.  The fairest way to accomplish this in Indiana is to amend the Indiana Constitution and take the responsibility completely out of the legislature, and into the hands of independent, nonpartisan, fair commissions.


We must commit to protecting our valuable water resources.  We must develop a long-term plan to address infrastructure needs to ensure availability of drinking water.


We must work to increase availability of healthcare services to our citizens.  We must work to increase reimbursement rates and address healthcare worker shortages.  As our population continues to age, we need a proactive approach to ensure that Indiana seniors have the services they need. 


Transportation and infrastructure are vital to grow our economy.  Emergency repairs and disruptions cost Hoosier taxpayers millions of dollars a year.  We can no longer afford to neglect our crumbling infrastructure.

Hate Crimes

Our state leaders have repeatedly failed to join 45 other states in passing hate crimes legislation.  It is past time for our laws to reflect the values of our citizens, and show the rest of the country that we will not be defined by fringe elements of our state that commit crimes of bigotry.  Hate Crimes legislation may not eliminate all biased crime, but it will send an unmistakable message about what is important. 

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