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My Commitment to You


I will hold regular district meetings.  I will hold these meeting at different times and formats to allow all citizens an opportunity to be heard.  I will hold them during the week, weekends, online format, evenings and during the daytime. 


When faced with a legislative issue, I will seek the input of the citizens directly impacted by the decision.  I will not wait to hear from a lobbyist or receive a party talking point.  I will not wait for citizens to be affected before I seek their input.  I will not put the burden on citizens to contact me. 


I will be transparent in all decisions and actions.  I will make available any reports or documents that I have access to in regards to governing.  I will explain every major vote that I make and the reasoning behind it. 


I will seek disconfirming evidence.  I want to hear from viewpoints from all citizens regardless of what party, if any, you belong to.  This evidence and input is critical to having a complete understanding of issues and ensuring that the process is fair and complete.


I will stand up for your rights.  These include your civil rights, your property rights, your financial rights, and your personal rights.  I will also protect the rights of local citizens to make decisions that affect their local community. 



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